Questions? We’re here to help U

  1. How does Prim-U work?
    Prim-U is an on-demand platform based on your location. We will match you with beauty therapists, nail technicians, massage therapists in your area at the touch of a screen! You will only be able to make a booking if there is an available prim-lancer available in your area. One tap also connects you to available salons, spas, guest houses and hotels around you that can accommodate your booking.
  2. How do I download the App?
    Download the App Prim-U on iOS and Android or visit
  1. How do I register for Prim-U?
    Simply sign up on the App with your email and unique password.
  2. I am having trouble signing in.
    Make sure that your email address is valid – check for spaces – and ensure your password is correct.
  3. I forgot my password.
    You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot?” button
  4. My passwords reset link isn’t working.
    Make sure that your email address is valid. Should you need further assistance, talk to us through our support chat box.
  5. I have moved. How do I change my account settings?
    You can update your preferred location by following these steps; My Account > My Addresses
  6. How do I choose a service?
    Pick the service you need and the duration using our drop down menu. You’re now ready for pampering.
  7. How do I choose a time slot?
    Click on ‘Schedule service” and select a date and time.
  8. How do I pay?
    PAY ONLINE using your credit card.
  1. I don’t own a credit card. What are the other means of payment?
    You can choose to pay in cash. Payment must be made before commencing on the service.
  2. There are glitches in my App. Who do I contact?
    We’re here to help. Talk to us via the support chat box that is monitored at 24/7. 365.
  3. How do I manage notifications?
    Please check your emails and SMSs for notifications.
  4. Is Prim-U available in my area?
    Yes, Prim-U is available in all areas in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
  5. How do I delete my profile?
    Please send an email request to
  6. Legal, privacy and other inquiries.
    View our Terms and Conditions.
  7. I have a duplicate charge.
    We apologise for the inconvenience. Kindly send proof of payments to email info@prim-u.comand we will sort it out for you.
  8. My prim-lancer didn’t arrive. Who do I contact?
    We offer support via chat or email at